"From Me That Was" (from Our Lord Jesus Christ)

(From a manuscript brought to the West clandestinely from the Russian Catacomb Church in 1942.)

Has it ever occurred to you that everything concerning you concerns Me,too. For that which concerns you concerns the apple of Mine eye. You are precious in Mine eyes, of exceeding worth, and I do love you, and therefore it is a particular joy for Me to teach and nourish you.

When temptations rise up against you, when the enemy comes upon you like ariver - it is My will that you know that from Me that was.  I am God Who disposes of your circumstances. Not by accident are you in the place where you are; it is the very place that I have appointed for you. Did you not ask to be taught humility? Behold: I have placed in the very school wherethat science can be learned. Those who are round you, those who live with you only carry out My will.

Do you find it hard to make ends meet? from Me that was, for I dispose ofyour purse. It is My will that you come to Me and be dependent upon Me. My riches are inexhaustible. It is My will that you receive confirmation of Myfaithfulness and of My promise.

Are you surrounded by the night of sorrow? From Me that was; I am the Manof sorrow, Who has known infirmity. I allowed this so that you may turn to Me and find eternal consolation.

Have you been betrayed by your friend, by one to whom you had opened yourheart? From Me that was. I allowed this anguish to touch you so that youmight see that your best friend is the Lord. It is My will that you bring and entrust everything to Me.

Have you been slandered? - Leave this to Me and move closer to Me, yourShelter. I shall exalt your truth like radiant light and your justice, likenoonday.

Have your plans fallen apart? Is your heart weary? >From Me that was. You made your plans and submitted them to My blessing; but My will is that you let Me dispose of your circumstances; then I shall take care of everything;for the burden is too heavy for you, you cannot carry it all alone; you are only an instrument, not the designer.

Did you dream of a particular deed for My sake, but instead was bedridden,ill and helpless? From Me that was. When you were engrossed in your schemes I could not attract your thought towards Myself; but I wish to teach you My deepest thoughts, and, since you are in My service, I wish you to learn that you are nothing. Some of My best servants are those who are cut offfrom outward activity, so that they may learn to command the weapon of unceasing prayer.

Have you suddenly been called to a difficult and elevated position? Goforth, relying upon Me, I entrust you these difficulties, for your Lord God Jesus Christ will bless you in all your ways, in everything that you will do with your hands. This day I put in your hand this vessel with the holy oil of My blessing. Use it freely, My child. Let this oil anoint every trouble that you encounter, every word that injures you, every obstacle in your work that may bring out vexation in you, every manifestation of yourinfirmity and inability.

Remember that every obstacle is a lesson from God. The edge of pain willdull if you learn to see Me in all things, no matter what touches you.Therefore, take to heart all the words that I have proclaimed unto you this day: from Me that was; for this is not an idle word for you, but your very life.

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