Concerning the communion and guarding and veneration of the Divine


by Kallinikos, Patriarch of Constantinople

In THE COMPLETE WORKS of Symeon, Archbishop of Thessalonica

Everyone should be present at the beginning of the Liturgy, listening to the divine service with fear and piety, praying reverently.

At the time of communion, let them come in order, with great humility and awe, and make a reverence to the ground unto Christ, Who is truly and really in the Mysteries under the appearance of bread and wine, and let them cross their hands upon their breasts, and confessing Christ and having love for Him, let them commune reverently.

Having received and swallowed the holy Communion, and having wiped their lips with the covering, they kiss the edge of the holy Chalice, as truly the Side of Christ, from Which there poured forth the blood and the water.

And having stepped aside a bit, they make a reverence and stand each in his place until the have received and eaten the Antidoron (and the wine-soaked bread, as is the custom elsewhere) and let them remain until the Dismissal, reading the prayers of Holy Communion.

Appendix of the book THE COMPLETE WORKS of Symeon, Archbishop of Thessalonica; Second Part: Instruction to Priests and Deacons, by His All-Holiness Kallinikos, Patriarch of Constantinople, pp 479-480. Chapter 12

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